Gyali Rimless Wall Faced Toilet Suite

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There is nothing that can’t be improved with innovative thinking. Seima applied this theory to the most ‘utility’ object in the home. And the result flows with state-of-the-art function.

In 2015, Seima was the first Australian company to design and release innovative Rimless Clean Flush toilet technology, incorporating an ultra smooth nanoglaze surface coating for a true clean flush.

Rimless design for a powerful flush.

To begin with we removed the flushing edge, creating the Seima Rimless™ pan. Grime and bacteria have nowhere to hide. The more powerful flush is precise and splash free. It efficiently washes the complete pan and uses less water. Waste is propelled away in a single flush.Aesthetics has not been overlooked. Inside the rimless bowl, Seima has taken care to create a streamlined minimalist bowl design that is free of unsightly folds and dimples.

Take a look!

Ultra smooth, antibacterial surface. Easy to clean and green.

Seima NanoGlaze™

What’s more, we wrapped the whole toilet in Seima NanoGlaze™ — a coating six times smoother than ordinary glaze, baked into the ceramic surface.The ultra-smooth surface resists grime and bacteria, keeping the toilet cleaner and making it easier to clean.

Seima NanoGlaze™ contains a Silver/Zinc compound that actively reduces harmful bacteria such as Staphylococcus Aureus and Escherichia Coli (E Coli) by over 95%.

The Seima Rimless Clean Flush toilets are the most efficient, hygienic and easy-to-clean toilets available!





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