4 Things to Know Before Buying Your New Shower Screens


Before you start your search for the perfect new shower screen, there are a few things you want to consider. There are a large number of models to choose from and many factors that go into determining the one right for your home. We’ll share four things to be aware of before you select the right shower screen and make an order online.


There Are Various Styles

The first thing to do is look at the space where your screen is going to go. Do you need a narrow screen? A pivoting door might be the perfect choice. If you want a shower screen for a bathtub, you might be better off with a sliding door, instead. Those who have a wide shower stall will also be best off selecting a sliding shower screen. You should also consider that curved doors often take up less space while rectangular angles can give a modern flair.


Measurements Are Serious

When you take measurements of the space for the shower screens, make sure to be cautious and do things right. You want to be sure the screen you choose will fit the space perfectly. You want to measure the width at the widest point for the best results. The shower screens you choose should be at that measurement or larger to fit the space correctly. If the area is reasonably large, you may want to select a door with more than one folding door, while smaller space may benefit from folding panels that take up less space.


Consider the Materials Used

The material used for the shower screens is also crucial to consider. Most doors will be made of tempered glass and aluminium, but you can also choose stainless-steel. Aluminium tends to be less expensive and comes in matte, chrome, or lacquered forms. As for the glass, a tempered option is usually the best. That’s because it is more durable and is safer if it does somehow break.


Hardware Matters

You should also look at your bathroom to see whether the shower screen you want matches the finishes and hardware you already have. While it doesn’t have to, it can bring the room together in a cohesive way. However, if you prefer, you can use the screen as a starting place and buy hardware that matches it instead of the other way around.


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