5 Bathroom Vanity Trends for 2019


2018 is done, so that means it is time to discuss the upcoming bathroom vanity trends for 2019! We have gathered here the 5 biggest trends that will be gracing the bathrooms of homes this year.

This article just might contain the inspiration you need to finish that home renovation project!

#1 Black is Back

For the last few years, grey has been the go-to decorating color of homes everywhere. However, 2019 will be sporting deeper and darker hues, and you will be seeing a lot more blacks in decor themes in all of the house, bathroom included.

Vanities will be the obvious choice for adding the drama to the room, but blacks will also be found on the light fixtures and mirror frames. Expect the matte finish on the black will be the most sought-after.

#2 Brass & Gold

Get ready for the warm tones of gold and brass! You will start seeing these golden tones on the bathroom fixtures this year. Brass faucets are going to start turning up on the sinks, and the drawer-pulls on the vanities are going to move from the polished chrome and into the gold.

It is a subtle shift that will add a lot of warmth back into the home. Plus, it will give that classic look that you haven’t seen since visiting your grandparents’ house as a child.

#3 Industrial Style

On the other end of the spectrum, you will find the industrial style bathrooms making a splash in 2019. It is a very current and modern trend, and it includes lots of metal, wood, and funky tile.

The vanity that accompanies this style is edgy and sleek, and it will balance the industrial style sink. Pops of colour and matte black will be the go-to for the hardware. Plus, these cool modern vanities are great for smaller living spaces or even the half bath.

#4 Wood Accents

As we mentioned before, warmer tones are making a comeback, and that means wood accents will be all the rage. Wood comes in so many various shades that it is easy to match it to the blue, green, white, or even purple of your existing bathroom colour scheme.

It also pairs nicely with just about any decor style. It doesn’t matter if you are planning industrial, farmhouse, modern, or boho, you can find the perfect wood accented vanity to complete your room.

#5 Lots of Storage

Say goodbye to tiny vanities with no storage space, and hello to compacted storage cabinets and vanities with lots and lots of space for your toiletries. The hidden cabinets and wall shelving units will give a minimalistic vibe while providing tons of storage space.

It is truly a winning look that will keep you more organised!

Get ready for the new year! Bathroom International has all the up to date vanity style trends that you are searching for.

Source: https://sebringdesignbuild.com/top-trends-in-bathroom-design/