5 Common Mistakes When Renovating Your Bathroom & How To Avoid Them

When it comes to bathroom layouts, one of the most challenging limitations is space. Bathrooms are often one of the smallest rooms in the house, therefore you need to know how to layout your bathroom to maximise the space, and how to make it appear bigger where possible. Here are Bathroom International we work with small bathrooms on a daily basis.  We have put together a list of small bathroom ideas that work:

  1. Use Mirror Walls or Large Bathroom Mirrors

When it comes to small bathrooms, nothing works better than mirrors to double the look and feel of the room. This is particularly effective when placed above the bathroom vanity. They also work great in reflecting light which also helps open the space up. The larger the mirror, the more the room’s appearance is opened up.

  1. Lose the Bathtub

Baths take up a lot of floor space in your bathroom. In fact, on average a bath will take up double the floor space of a shower. If you are struggling to fit everything into your bathroom, consider losing the bathtub  in favor of a shower.

  1. Frameless Glass Shower Panels

Shower curtains make smaller bathrooms look even smaller as they section off part of an already small space. Replace your shower curtains with glass shower panels and you will be amazed at how much the room is opened up. Glass shower panels can be configured to either swing open or slide. Consider how you want the shower door to open, and ensure that this can happen without it hitting any other fixtures in your bathroom.

  1. Wall Mounted Vanities and Toilets

When space is limited you may want to consider wall mounting your bathroom vanity and toilet. This is an excellent way to save floor space and make your bathroom appear more open. Look for narrow basin designs  and thin edge sink designs which maximize the vanity surface area.

  1. Think Vertical

When putting together a bathroom layout for a small space you don’t need to sacrifice storage. There is plenty of available realestate on the walls above your toilet and sink. Use wall mounted storage to make the most of the vertical space available in your bathroom.

  1. Light Walls and Dark Floors

Dark walls make a room appear smaller, while light walls will make a room appear larger. This is because lighter colours reflect more light. When working with a small bathroom it is essential that you choose light colored wall tiles. Dark coloured tiles work best for the floors as they enhance the overall effect of the lighter colours chosen for the walls.

These small bathroom ideas were presented to you by Bathroom International. If you have a small bathroom and need some help with your bathroom layout call our friendly team today.