5 Great Bathroom Renovation Ideas to Get You Motivated


Are you tired of the way your bathroom looks and functions? It might be time that you made some changes to the bathroom. Below, you will find some ideas that can help to inspire you to renovate the bathroom and make it a beautiful and functional room that you will love.

Change Out the Shower Head for a More Relaxing Shower

If you have a standard shower head in your bathroom, it’s time for a change. You could change out the shower to get a rainfall shower head, for example. There are handheld options, dual showers, rail showers, and more. A new shower head can change the experience you have in the shower, and it should be one of the first things considered for your bathroom renovation.

Choose New Bathroom Furniture to Improve Aesthetics

The bathroom furniture should be one of the first things that you consider during a renovation. You can find a range of bathroom cabinets and vanities of different sizes and styles. The aesthetics of the furniture can help to provide a beautiful, cohesive look to the room.

Add a New Bathtub for a Great Soak

One of the best changes you can make to the bathroom during a renovation is to add a nice tub. Many types of bathtubs can work with just about any room. There are back to wall tubs, inset tubs, freestanding tubs, corner baths, and shower baths. You could even choose to add a spa tub if you would like and if you have the room.

Change Our Your Mirrors for a New Look

You could also consider adding some new mirrors to the bathroom. You will find many interesting options that can help you more easily create the aesthetics you want for your bathroom. There are frameless mirrors of different sizes, mirror wall cabinets, backlit mirrors, and makeup and shaving mirrors.

Choose a New Toilet for Better Function and Fit

Another option to consider when renovating the bathroom is changing out the toilet. If the toilet has been in your home since you moved into the place, or if you’ve had the same toilet for many years, it’s time for a change. Many new options on the market are affordable and functional including rimless options.

These are just some of the different changes that you can make to your bathroom during a renovation. These are relatively simple to do, and most will find that they are affordable renovation options.