5 Ways to Save Money on Your Bathroom Renovation

1. Have a Plan

It may seem like an incredibly obvious suggestion, but many people go into a bathroom renovation without having a clear idea of what they want, and without consulting a professional to see if the ideas they do have are possible. It may seem like a pricey option, especially if you’re on a budget, but in the long run consulting a bathroom designer or architect can save you money in the long run. They will be able to tell you whether or not your design is viable, if you’ve budgeted correctly, and whether or not the timeline you have set is a reasonable one, all of which will save you money in the long run. If you want to avoid spending money, but still want quality advice from industry professionals, another alternative is to talk to someone from our friendly team at Bathroom International. We have the experience and knowledge to answer your questions and help save you time and money on your project.

2. Work with what you have

Another reason for you to consult professionals in the industry with your bathroom renovation is to utilise the elements you already have available to you- you can save yourself big bucks by using the existing plumbing rather than moving it around and it means that you don’t have to dish out extra money on fittings that may work right where they are now. Relocating toilets or bathtubs can cost on average $5000 each time you move their plumbing fixtures, so instead of moving why not update or redecorate instead? Another option to moving a toilet or buying a whole new one could be to work with what you have already and just replace the toilet lid and seat- this will give your toilet a fresh, new look and saves you buying a whole new unit as well as paying those expensive plumbing fees to fit it.

3. Colour can make all the difference

As with other areas of the house, sometimes all a space needs is a lick of paint to make it look brand new. What people tend to steer clear of in bathroom renovations however, is utilising colour to add an extra ‘wow’ factor. Many stick to neutral or light paint colours in their bathrooms under the impression that this will make the space look larger, and while this is true to a certain extent, a pop of colourful paint can have a huge impact in a room like your bathroom, adding personality and an extra dimension to a room many people play it safe with.

4. Light, Light, Light!

As mentioned above, unless you are very fortunate it is likely that you are working with a small space in your bathroom renovation, thus, anything you can do to make the room seem bigger is a huge plus. Lighting is usually one of the first things renovators want to change as often the old fittings rarely have much appeal, and extra lighting in your bathroom not only brightens the space, but it doesn’t have to cost the world. If you have easy access, consider a budget skylight; check out sales at your local lighting stores; or ask our team at Bathroom International what options you have for your new bathroom space.

5. The ‘open shelf’ look

Yes, a person’s bathroom is a private space, and you may not want all of your toiletries out on display, but a mixture of closed and open shelving can solve a lot of space issues. You could use a open shelves for your towels, bath soaps or candles, and the items you are happy to have on display, and then use covered baskets for the rest of your items thus getting the best of both worlds. Open shelving not only can make your small room look larger and less closed in, it’s also much easier on the budget than cabinets.