8 Practical Fittings for Your Bathroom


Style matters, but practicality can make a big difference in your bathroom space. This is a room for function, after all, and it needs to function in the best way possible so that you can get the most out of the space. Choosing the right fittings can seem like a never-ending task with so many different options to choose from, but regardless of the finish or style, there are some practical fittings that every bathroom will have.


Combination Fittings

Especially when you’re limited on space, combination items make great sense in any bathroom. A shelf, for example, that also has a towel bar underneath or hooks for towels, will save you the space of separate towel storage.


Simple Taps

If you’re looking to save counter space, skip the fancy, ornate taps. Choose smaller handles so that you’re not wasting space you could use for countertop essentials like soap and hand wash. Taps with built-in handles are also a great way to save space.


Floating Shelves

If you need more storage space or room for larger items, floating shelves are a great choice. Again, they’re out of the way and provide extra storage for items you use regularly and those you don’t mind having on display.


In-Shower Shelving

Whether you choose a pre-fabricated shower stall or have one custom built, you should consider the shelving and storage in there. After all, no one wants shampoo bottles and soap laying on the floor of the shower. Plus, if you can store these items here, you won’t need the space elsewhere.


Portable Storage

If you’ve got a small space, using a portable storage unit can allow you to move things around or keep things in another room until you need them. You can even find modern, stylish pieces that are as good looking as they are functional.


Wall Hooks and Mounts

As much as you can, keep things on the walls. Lights, towel hooks, wall-mounted taps, and other items will provide the practical function you need and give you more space to avoid that cluttered feel.


Open Shelves

If you’re more interested in easy access than getting rid of clutter, open shelving is great. It’s functional and it can look great, as long as you put the best-looking items on display. Open shelves are great for towels. They can also make a space look bigger.


Functional Furniture

If you have room for extra storage or furniture pieces in your bathroom, put them to work. There are specific pieces designed for bathroom use that can add a lot to any space, and offer extra storage.

When it comes down to it, as long as you’re thinking of the best ways to use your bathroom space, finding the best practical fittings should be simple. Keep these ideas in mind and see what else is out there. https://bathroominternational.com.au/