A Brief Guide to Creating Your Dream Bathroom


Every home has a few rooms that work harder than others, with kitchens and bathrooms standing out as the proverbial work horses. Whether your home has a single bathroom or several, it is likely that you have some ideas about it would take to make one a “dream” space.

Before we look at the basic steps required to convert a bathroom into a dream bathroom, let’s just consider a few important words:

  • Function
  • Resilience
  • Aesthetics
  • Clean

These are phrases that must guide you in your decision-making processes. After all, the bathroom with the tub or fixtures you’ve dreamt of, but which is difficult to keep clean, which doesn’t suite everyone in the family, and which may not endure because of inadequate cabinetry or flooring is more of a nightmare than a dream.


With that in mind, you can then turn your attention to the issues that you must consider in order to make that dream bathroom a reality. They are:


General style

Will it be a rustic style? A sleek and contemporary space? A retro-inspired bathroom? Be clear about the overarching style as it will inform other choices.



You may have only so much space to work with and taking time to optimise the layout or floor plan is very rewarding. If your priority is to install a lavish, free-standing tub, make time to plot out the entire space around it. If it is a new vanity, make that the priority.



It may not seem like a priority, but it is put to heavy use and an unsatisfactory basin is likely to ruin your dreams. One-piece, undermount, and self-rimming sinks are among the most common.



Did you realize that a spa-like space can be created within bathrooms that have only showers and are without tubs? This is due to the amazing range of showerheads, shower screens, and gorgeous tiles that are widely available.



Turning even a basic bath into a dream bath can be accomplished with heated towel racks, sound systems, luxury tiles, and more.


It is easier than one might think to map out a dream bathroom and make it a total success. Don’t forget that you can create a mood with colour and that a scheme can be established with linens and the wall paint, but also in the furnishings and choice in flooring.

When you are ready to make a dream bathroom in your home, the team at Bathroom International offers package deals and a full array of products to turn the dream into reality.