A Buyer’s Guide to Bathroom Basins

The basin you choose for your bathroom matters.

It’s a major feature both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Therefore, before you go and make a purchase, make sure you understand the seven main options you have to choose from.

Top-Mount Basin

This is the most common type. You may have heard of it referred to as a “drop-in sink” before.

Pros: You can use them with pretty much any type of material and no matter what kind of style you’re going for in your bathroom. They are also very affordable to install.

Cons: You can’t simply wash spills or debris into the bowl because there’s generally a barrier in the way.

Under-Mount Basin

This version is just like the top-mount basin except that the rim sits flush with the counter.

Pros: This seamless look is considered very chic and, unlike the last option, you can easily wipe debris and spills into the sink.

Cons: You can’t use these with a laminated counter as you wouldn’t be able to seal it against moisture. They’re also more expensive because you have to use stone or some other solid surface.

Wall-Mounted Basin

Speaking of chic, minimalistic looks, as the name suggests, this one comes right from the wall with nothing below it touching the floor.

Pros: Again, this is very modern look. It also saves space, which makes the room feel a lot bigger.

Cons: While it might look like you have more space, you lose storage space because of a lack of cupboards. This choice is usually best for a guest bathroom as your master bathroom will lose a lot of storage if you use a well-mounted sink.

Pedestal Basin

This is a nice compromise for people who want a wall-mounted basin but need their plumbing to go through the floor. The pedestal allows for this plumbing while still maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic.

Pros: This classic look is very elegant without being too much.

Cons: Again, you sacrifice storage space.

Semi-Recessed Basin

This is another hybrid basin. It stands out from the counter which gives you plenty of room for the bowl without making as much space for drawers you don’t need a lot from.

Pros: If you don’t have a lot of space but still want a large basin, this option is perfect.

Cons: The storage space beneath these basins is limited. There also isn’t any counter space at the front of these basins to catch water or other spills.


The most simplistic option on the list, these basins have become very popular in high-end hotels and restaurants.

Pros: These are great for bathrooms with limited space and can be made from any number of different materials. They are also extremely unique looking.

Cons: You can’t plug these basins and they’re extremely shallow, so you don’t want them being used for anything other than hand washing.

Vessel Basin

These basins look like large bowls sitting on your counter. They are completely exposed.

Pros: This is another basin with a very unique look that can’t be ignored.

Cons: As it’s above the counter, you’ll want it to be lower so it’s comfortable for most people to use the sink. This will probably result in less storage space.


Basically, this is where the basin and counter are made from the same slab of material. There is no separation between them.

Pros: These are extremely easy to clean and, thus, a very popular choice for family bathrooms.

Cons: The counters tend to have less flat surface to them because they subtly slope into the basin. This makes them easier to clean, but it’s much harder to leave things out (e.g. cups for toothbrushes).

Take your time picking between these bathroom basins. Once yours is installed, you’re going to be stuck with it. Fortunately, it’s tough to make a bad decision with so many great versions to choose from.