A Guide to Making a Feeling of Space in Your Bathroom


Even the smallest bathrooms can feel spacious if you know what you’re doing. There are design tricks and fittings for almost every space that will allow you to create the illusion of space, even when you can’t make your bathroom any bigger. Part of that is going to come from finding the right bath fittings that serve a function and still offer some sense of design.


Hang Everything

Towel hooks, floating shelves, cabinets, and so many other bathroom accessories can be hung on your bathroom walls to free up floor or counter space. When you are limited on space, hanging things is a great way to make extra room, as well. There are even combination units that have shelves and towel hooks combined, or cabinets with a towel bar built in. You can even search specifically for space-saving fittings when you are shopping around online.


Try to Avoid Cabinets and Bulky Items

People think that adding a larger cabinet gives the illusion of more storage space. While it might seem that way, it also makes the room look unnecessarily small. Would you rather have more storage space or have more space to actually use your bathroom? You obviously need a little bit of storage for some items, but keep it as minimal as possible. Floating sinks are a great way to make the lower area of the bathroom, which is usually the most cluttered, feel more open.


Choose a Practical Floor Plan

If you have the ability to rearrange your plumbing, consider the layout of your existing space and whether it’s working in the best way possible. Small bathrooms are well-suited to have a door that is across from a toilet, with a sink and shower or tub on the opposite walls. This uses all the wall space and leaves more open room in the middle. If your bathroom isn’t close to square, this may not be possible. There are other ways that you can arrange a long, narrow space.

There are a lot of great ways to make a space seem bigger when you’re dealing with a tiny bathroom. You can even use glass and mirrors to help create the illusion of more space. Shop for function when you’re looking for bath fittings, but keep these tips in mind to create a bathroom that looks and feels like it has all the space in the world.