Bathroom International: Why Choose Us for Your Bathroom Renovation?

Here at Bathroom International we know you have a vast choice for your bathroom renovation needs. You’re likely asking yourself what makes us so special when there are so many other places like us out there; here’s why we’re the best choice for you each and every time.

We know how valuable your time is. A renovation project when it comes to a bathroom and laundry is already overwhelming just from thinking about it, which is why we make sure our one-stop shops have absolutely everything you could possibly need under one convenient roof. We’ve got all the latest styles and models when it comes to showers, baths, spas, and toilet suites, and you’ll be astounded by the variety of tiles, mirrors, vanity units, taps and basins we have to choose from. That doesn’t even touch our exhaustive collection of accessories. With two locations in Perth there’s always one close and convenient to you.

Of course we don’t just provide the raw materials for the job. Our planning and interior design services are specifically meant to make your bathroom and laundry planning efforts as painless as possible. Whether you’re just looking for some quick and easy ideas on colour schemes for your bathroom or you need an entire design and style overhaul, our skilled and helpful staff can help you visualise the perfect design for your bathroom renovation before you even begin the process.

Now all these products and services are great, but we go even further than just that: we provide a wide variety of choices for every budget across an amazing array of colours, styles and designs. We know how important it is to keep a renovation project under budget, which is why we offer stylish but affordable options if you’re looking to save on your renovation without compromising design or quality.

Additionally, we’ll do our best to match the price of any of our products with a competitor if you come in with a written quote because we value you as a customer. It’s part of our pledge to provide the very best in service that we can. We have the experience needed to provide the highest levels of customer service we can here at Bathroom International, and we stand by that commitment each and every time someone walks through our doors looking for help in their own renovation project.