Bathroom Renovations Perth: Accessorising in your Bathroom

A great way to finish off that beautiful bathroom renovation, is to accessorise! Accessories are a great way to add character, colour and texture to a space. This is especially important in the bathroom, which can often feel clinical and cold. For some great ways to liven up your bathroom, please continue reading!

Living Spaces
A cheap and very simple way to add some life to your bathroom space is greenery! Look for plants that thrive in low light, high humidity conditions such as bamboo, peace lilies, Boston ferns and Philodendrons. If you absolutely love the idea of greenery in your bathroom, consider a growing wall; a vertical garden growing on an entire wall in your bathroom. This looks absolutely magical but does require regular upkeep and care.

Furniture Revolution
If you have a relatively large bathroom, consider adding non-bathroom specfic furniture to your space. This creates a more relaxed environment and allows your bathroom to blend more seamlessly with the rest of your home. We love the look of a gorgeous fabric chair next to the bathtub!

Bathroom Art
Use your bathroom walls as a way to display a piece of artwork you really like. This is a great way to add a burst of colour to your bathroom space and to tie different design elements together. Remember that humidity isn’t ideal for artwork, so don’t choose that priceless piece you bought in Europe twenty years ago!

Bathmat Reset
Rather than buying a simple bathmat for your bathroom, consider buying a more sizeable rug to create a design feature in the space. This is a great way of covering up those tiles you haven’t had a chance to replace yet or just adding a gorgeous splash of colour! Remember to look at rugs that are easy to wash and dry!

Mirror, Mirror
A mirror can form a design feature in your bathroom in the same way a piece of art does. Rather than looking purely at functionality, choose a design which complements the rest of your bathroom story. We love the look of a dramatic gilt-edged mirror in a traditional-style bathroom!

Classy Glass
A fantastic way to add some colour and beauty to your bathroom is to place all of your liquids such as soap, shampoo and conditioner in gorgeous, decorative glass bottles. We especially love the look of bright, blue glass!