Bathroom Tile Trends for 2015

If you are planning on a bathroom renovation in Perth, then you should learn about all of the newest trends in colours, tiles, design and materials. Tiles play a very important role in the bathroom because they will cover the majority of wall and floor space. So, before you begin your renovation project, or you call bathroom renovators in Perth, then take the time consider current bathroom trends and choose something you think will look fantastic in your space!

One of the newest trends for bathroom tiles in Perth, is the subtle tones and textures of beautiful natural stone, whether the material is actually stone or just looks like it. The result of using this material for tiles creates a raw, uneven finish, which creates the feel of a day spa. There are many different colours and options available, catering to different price points!

Another option, if you want something smoother and more modern, is the use of small, square iridescent tiles. They have the look of mother of pearl, and create an elegant and opulent space. These small tiles can be used to create focal spots or bands of colour throughout the larger, more basic tiles in the bathroom.

Promoting the feeling of light and space, will create a beautiful and open bathroom. Even if you don’t have much natural light in the space, you can make it look bigger and airier by choosing the right tile materials. One trend is to use light coloured, large tiles on the floor, as well as the walls. The larger tiles will give the illusion of more space, and the colour will make the whole room feel lighter.

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