Bathroom Trends 2015: Bathroom Vanities Perth

Your bathroom vanity is an incredibly important design element in your bathroom and can define the style of the space. As a bathroom renovation provider in Perth, we constantly research bathroom design trends to make sure that we can provide you with the most stunning and on-trend bathroom vanities possible!

Naturally Beautiful
The use of beautiful, natural materials throughout the home was a huge trend in 2014, and will continue in 2015. The use of materials such as stone, wood and marble in a bathroom creates a serene, calming space; perfect for unwinding in after a long day. Think about pairing our beautiful natural wood Summer All Drawer  bathroom vanity in nordic oak, with a bright, white bathtub and glossy, white floor tiles.

Floating on Air
A floating bathroom vanity looks elegant, stylish and modern, and is also very practical (it’s easy to clean under!). Our Summer Twin Vanity  is a wall hung bathroom vanity which comes in a range of finishes and colours, including a natural wood finish and a woodgrain finish.

Sleek and Modern
Sleek and straight lines in bathroom cabinetry create a luxe, modern feel in your bathroom space. Our Summer Slim Vanity  is a slender, wall hung vanity which looks elegant in any bathroom space. Imagine our vanity in a glossy white laminex, coupled with beautiful, soft grey tiling and a glass shower screen!

Double Trouble
Some people like to share, and some people don’t! Whatever your personality, twin sinks in your bathroom vanity top are going to be very popular in 2015. They add a sense of luxury to your bathroom space, and allow you and your significant other to use the bathroom at the same time!

Traditional Themes
Whilst modern home design is popular for 2015, more traditional design elements are making a comeback! Imagine a beautiful, wooden vanity in your bathroom, complemented by a gilt-edged mirror and porcelain accessories! Our Federation Washstand  harks back to a classic Edwardian bathroom, complete with beautifully carved legs and elegant tiling detail behind the basin.