Buyers Guide to Basin Tap ware

Home styling and improvement is something that is rarely far from your mind. In a home, some of the most critical sections, areas you cannot do without, include the bathroom, living room, bedroom, and, kitchen space. However, the importance of a bathroom surpasses that of other sections, since it is the place you go to bathe and unwind, and also to start your day. Since the bathroom is an important space, no detail in the room should be overlooked- including the tap ware you choose for your sinks and showers. Bathroom International can help, with our large range to choose from, you’re bound to find the tap fittings which perfectly reflect your home’s design and atmosphere. Since our inception, Bathroom International has emerged as a reliable service provider specializing in the provision and installation of basins, mirrors, showers, tap ware, tiles, toilets, and vanities.

As it stands out, Bathroom International offers a range of basin tap ware, namely:


The Trident Lever Basin

The Trident lever basin, with its unique design, is long lasting and has been created to help you save water. It has been developed using solid brass with a chrome coating that makes the product resilient thus easy to maintain. The versatile trident lever basin is one that can be made use of in traditional setups as well as in modern homes.


Vivid-Lever Basin Tap ware

The vivid-lever uses even less water than the trident lever basin (5.5 L/m), and has a more rounded elegant look. It offers you with an ideal solution for your home improvement problems based on cost, elegance, function, and durability.


KIATO Basin Wall Mixer and the KIATO Basin Mixer

Their bold circular and square designs ensures that in form, the KIATO Basin Wall Mixer, and the KIATO Basin Mixer outdo all other tap fittings. With their black and white chrome coating, the durable products are protected from elements that encourage rusting.


AKEMI Wall Basin Mixer and the AKEMI Basin Mixer

If you are looking for style and fashion, the AKEMI Wall Basin Mixer and the AKEMI Basin Mixer remain the products of choice. They are not only durable and pocket-friendly, but also come in a range of colors making them easily adaptable to your bathroom surroundings.


NARA Basin Mixer

Out of the many options of tap ware available at Bathroom International, we highly recommend the NARA Basin Mixer. The NARA Basin Mixer has won two international awards in a row all thanks to its unique design.


TOI Basin Mixer and the TOI Wall Mixer Set

TOI Tap ware not only comes in a unique design, but also is easy to operate. It is made using German technology and is also the winner of the iF Design Award.


MARTINI Wall Basin Set, MARTINI Extended Basin Mixer, and the MARTINI Basin Mixer

The MARTINI is a masterpiece of art. Ideal for modern homes due to its stylish design, it will make a feature of your sink and convey both sophistication and modernity.

Other tap ware worth a mention includes the:

  • COSMOPOLITAN Wall Basin Set, COSMOPOLITAN Extended Basin Mixer, and the COSMOPOLITAN Basin Mixer
  • MAKU Basin Mixer
  • Blaze Matte Black Basin Mixer
  • Rush-Basin Mixer

For many years, Bathroom International has thrived on providing its clients with quality products and services. Thus, Bathroom International can be trusted when it comes to providing durable tap ware to meet all your needs.