Choosing the Right Bathroom Cabinet for Your Bathroom

A bathroom cabinet or vanity coupled with a mirror, can form the focal point of your bathroom, so choosing the right bathroom vanity is extremely important for creating a positive first impact. Your bathroom vanity not only needs to look good, it also needs to fit well in your bathroom space, provide functionality and complementing the rest of your bathroom decor and style. As a bathroom renovation product supplier in Perth, we understand how important it is to choose the perfect bathroom cabinet for your bathroom renovation. Please continue reading for some tips about how to choose the perfect bathroom cabinet for your bathroom!


Size It Up

Measure the space available in your bathroom, considering where the shower and bathtub will fit. This will inform your decision about the type and size of bathroom cabinet that will complement the space. Make sure that you consider leaving plenty of space around the bathroom vanity for opening cupboards or drawers and importantly, so that you can effectively use the mirror and counter space.


Plan It Well

Think about plumbing and electrics when you are planning the location of your new bathroom cabinet. Electrics should be close enough to be able to plug in a hair dryer and still stand in front of the mirror. In Western Australia, we have certain regulations governing the installation of electrical points in bathrooms, so it is definitely worthwhile consulting with your plumber and electrician before you make the final decision!


Stylish Functionality

A bathroom vanity should fit seamlessly in your bathroom space, complementing the existing fixtures and design features. Decide on the kind of style you would like, keeping in mind the rest of your ‘bathroom story.’ There are many different styles of bathroom vanities, ranging from a more traditional federation washstand, to a more modern and sleek wall hung vanity. It’s a good idea to take a photo of some of the other features in your new bathroom and take it with you when you’re browsing for your new bathroom cabinet!


If you need any advice about your bathroom renovation in Perth, please contact us now!