Choosing the Right Taps & Mixers

There’s a reason the old saying goes “everything but the kitchen sink,” you know – it’s the one invaluable piece in your entire home. The kitchen is usually the busiest room in your house, and the sink is the centre of that activity – so that’s why you need to ensure you choose the perfect taps and mixers for your needs.

Back in the day the sink was a utilitarian and simple device. However, today there are so many different options you have available, especially when it comes to taps and mixers, that you could spend days wandering through products for the ones that match both your practical needs and your personal style choices.  At the very least, you’re going to need taps that are water-efficient, but besides that there’s such a variety to choose from that you can easily get bogged down by your choices.

Since sinks don’t come with taps at purchase, you’re going to also have to ensure that the taps you want to use are compatible with the sink you have. For the most part this isn’t much of a worry when you’re matching basic taps with sinks, but more advanced or custom sinks won’t work with every single tap – and the reverse is true as well.

Of course it goes beyond just compatibility though. Considering what configuration you want is important; if you’re getting a mixer tap with a single lever you have to decide if you want it fitted on the left, the right, or right in the centre. Will your sink accommodate a soap dispenser? Do you want a pull-out tap as well? What about a double tap for two-basin sinks, or will you stick to just a single one?

The questions just keep mounting up, and that means you need to pay close attention to not just your needs but the type of sink you have – and also the lay of the land in your kitchen. Undermount sinks or kitchen counters with little clearance mean choosing taps and mixers that are specifically designed for such physical limitations.

While it seems an overwhelming experience, don’t lose hope – it is absolutely possible to marry the perfect sink of your design dreams with attractive taps and mixers that complement your overall kitchen décor. It might just take some more time and effort that you thought it would at first.