Choosing the Right Tile Size for Your Bathroom

Every bathroom looks better with tile, but that’s only if you know what you’re doing when it comes to picking them. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting to take the reins on this decision instead of paying for a professional, you also don’t want to make a mistake with your choice and end up with a bathroom you’d rather no one ever sees. The following will help guide your creative hand so you choose gorgeous tiles instead of ending up with expensive regrets.

Big Tiles

Bigger tiles are generally best left for well-lit bathrooms with high ceilings, especially if their format is generally square or rectangular.

The lack of grout joints that go along with big tiles can do a lot for making a space that appears much larger than it really is. This is why you’ll often see them in smaller bathrooms. However, that’s not to say you may not want your large bathroom to look even bigger.

Also, if you really want the feel of a bigger area, consider a floating vanity. You can have these large tiles run under it to increase the illusion of space substantially.

Small Tiles

Generally, small tiles are going to be the best choice if your bathroom has a number of angles or curves to accommodate. Trying to use big tiles for the job will require a lot of work and probably won’t look right in the end.

A lot of people employ mosaics in these types of bathrooms instead. They can be a lot of fun and also open your bathroom up to a number of different looks. Nowadays, mosaic tiles come in glass, ceramic and marble and in every shape from circular to hexagons.

If anything, going with mosaics can be a challenge simply because you’ll have so many to choose from.

Dark Bathrooms

If you don’t get natural light in your bathroom, choose white tiles. They will capture as much light as possible making the room a bit brighter. This is extremely effective in bathrooms that get just a bit of light from a window or skylight.

Floor-to-Wall Tiles

Continuing the use of tiles from the floor to the walls is a sophisticated way of creating a simple bathroom aesthetic that is clutter-free and modern. Using a neutral color will also make it easier to accessorize with colored towels and other accoutrements.

Don’t rush your decision when picking out tiles. The right tile size will make all the difference in how your bathroom appears.