Choosing the Right Toilet Suite for your Bathroom Renovation

A toilet suite is more than something you use to, well, go to the toilet on! It can also act as a design feature in your bathroom. If you’re renovating your bathroom in Perth and are deciding on which toilet suite will best complement your bathroom design, please continue reading for some helpful tips!

Water Efficiency
When you’re choosing a toilet suite for your bathroom renovation, it’s a good idea to think about the functionality of your toilet as well as the aesthetics. Considering the amount of water your toilet will use is important, especially in Australia. Water efficient toilets generally have a low-flow cistern and a dual flush design; the dual flush is mandatory in all Australian states. Before you buy, check out the WELS rating of your toilet suite, which gives you a water efficiency rating from one to five (with five being the most efficient). Our KDK Cube BTW  and Novelli Oracle Back to Wall  toilet suites have a WELS rating of four stars!

Style and Shape
Toilets are all roughly the same shape but there are significant differences in design, which can completely change the appearance of your bathroom. Toilet suites can range from modern, cubed designs to more traditional curved lines. Our Novelli Cara Link Toilet  is a classic two piece structure with a traditional, curved bowl whilst our KDK Curved BTW toilet suite is a more contemporary, seamless, box-like structure, perfect for an elegant, modern bathroom design.

Whilst aesthetics are very important in bathroom renovations, comfort should also be considered. This is why you should always try before you buy (to a certain extent)! A toilet should be a comfortable size for all members of the family and should provide enough support for your body when you’re using it.

Another important consideration when choosing your toilet suite is maintenance. If you really dread cleaning toilets (let’s be honest – who doesn’t?), make sure that you choose your design with this in mind. Modern toilet suites are a great, low-maintenance option; their boxy designs mean that there are less nooks and crannies to clean at the base of the toilet. Our Cotto Space Solutions  toilet suite is a perfect example of this!