Choosing the Right Toilet Suite

It used to be that there was essentially one kind of toilet suite, and you made it work with the look of your bathroom. These days, however, you have several options in style, and of course a multitude of colours from which to choose as well. Considering this bathroom fixture’s duty in the home, many people prefer one that at least looks as attractive as possible and fits in with the feel of their décor. If you’re doing a bathroom renovation in Perth, you’ll want to know exactly what’s available to you before making a decision.

Initial Considerations

Obviously the first thing you’ve got to verify when shopping for toilets in Perth is that the fixture will actually fit the space you’ve got. As you mull over the types of suites listed below, bear in mind the way your bathroom is set up and the location of your existing pipe. Other factors to keep in mind include:

  • Efficiency – toilets that use a minimum of water are highly desirable in terms of environmental concerns and utility costs. A dual-button flush feature can add even more efficiency.
  • Suitability – this one is a no-brainer, but bears mentioning. You may adore that retro looking fixture, yet you should resist if your home has a modernised interior.
  • Comfort – if your current toilet pan sits just the right height off of the floor, be sure to stick to a similar size.

That said, let’s take a look at the various configurations of toilets for your Perth bathroom renovation. Following are the most typical types:

Close coupled: this toilet suite is comprised of a connected cistern and pan, which conceals the flush pipe. This style is a breeze to clean, looks nice, and is suitable for virtually any bathroom.

Concealed: ideal for the modern bathroom, the concealed suite features a cistern which is set into a cabinet or even the wall, so that just the pan is visible. This style is low-profile and a good choice for a small room.

Wall faced: this is almost the same as close coupled, with one key difference – the pan sits flush to the wall, eliminating any unsightly gap. They’re easy to clean and look sleek.

Flush pipe: although this style is probably the least appealing alternative, visually speaking, it is the most common as it offers versatile placement. It consists of a tank connected to the pan via a short pipe.

Connector: due to a connector plate concealing the flush pipe on this toilet suite, you end up with a look similar to the close coupled, yet with more versatility of placement.

When choosing your toilet suite, take into account the setup of your bath, as well as where all the relevant fittings are situated.


Toilet suites in baths in Perth, and throughout Australia, feature one of four different types of traps, each of which is typically available on all of the above pans.

S-trap: this is the most common, and features a spigot which connects into a floor-mounted pan collar.

P-trap: the angled or horizontal spigot on this type of trap is connected into a wall-mounted pan collar.

Skew trap: the outlet spigot on the skew trap has a 90-degree offset, and may connect to a side wall via either a left- or right-handed configuration, depending upon your bathroom setup.

Universal trap: this type offers versatility in that it may be installed as an S-trap or a P-trap.

Now that you know what’s out there, all that’s left to do is take your measurements, start shopping, and get caught up in the excitement of your Perth bathroom renovation!