Create a Child Friendly Bathroom

Bathrooms can be tricky places for kids to negotiate. The sink is too high, the bath is too deep and the toilet is just too big for little people! However resist that temptation to make everything else smaller to fit your little person. Instead, create a smart space for your child. At Bathroom International in Perth, we have years of experience in providing bathroom equipment and accessories for families in Western Australia. We have developed a few handy hints for you to consider when you need to begin childproofing your home!

Layout and Accessibility
Bathrooms are high foot traffic areas, so you need to be able to create as much space as you can so that everybody can fit! Consider installing double sinks so that more than one person can brush their teeth at the same time. If you have a bath and a shower, consider whether it might be a better option to wall mount your shower above the bath, leaving that extra space where your shower used to be. Provide your little one with safety stools so that they can access the sinks, vanity and toilet.

With children comes stuff. Think about how you can maximise your storage space for your children’s bath toys, shampoos, towels and other toiletries or accessories. Consider choosing a vanity unit with drawers or cupboards and a mirror that doubles as a storage cabinet. A great idea to give your kids a sense of responsibility and ownership is installing cupboards at child level and providing your kids with their own shelf or drawer.

Design and Colour
Now comes the fun part! Inject some personality and vibrancy into the bathroom through the use of bright paint and eclectic accessories. Think about painting the walls a beautiful, bold colour and accessorising with plush, colourful bath towels and bath mats. A neutral bathroom vanity and tiling will ensure that your bathroom ages with grace, and that you can update the colour scheme easily as your child gets older.