How Important Is Your Bathroom to Your House’s Value?

Most homeowners know that new or updated bathrooms increase the value of the home. Yet many wonder how significant their value is in terms of the home’s overall worth. If you ask property professionals, most say something like this: “A new bathroom often raises a home’s value, though it won’t recoup its full cost when the home sells. Prices do vary in terms of labour, materials and overall costs. You can get a better margin if you do some work yourself and price shop for materials.”

Clearly, that means that anyone eager to increase a home’s value will find a reliable bathroom shop in Perth to offer an array of premium supplies and fixtures. After all, bathrooms can be newly installed as part of an addition, but just as easily they can be updated using the many supplies available at the best bathroom shop in Perth. In fact, experts suggest that you follow one of the most common bits of advice when dealing with bathrooms – keep it simple.

For example, “spending a little more on details, like high-quality towel bars and upgraded hardware for…vanities” can be fast and affordable ways to improve value. Yet, you can make the larger improvements if you have access to a premium bathroom shop in Perth. For example, you can find any number of vanities. This might include a very modernistic piece from a firm like ADP or Forme, but also a piece designed with the appeal of an authentic antique, such as something from Vanitone. Just that alone could give a bathroom a major update and improve the home’s value. Yet, don’t limit yourself when considering ways to boost the overall value of the bathrooms in your home. You can also choose from accessories, basins, spas and baths, mirrors, showers, tiles and toilets as ways of boosting the appeal, look and value of any bath.

The keys to success have to start with a few simple plans. For example, assessing the budget and then considering how best to use it is the wisest first choice if you are going to increase the value of the home. Never buying lower quality items is another good choice and leaning towards “big box” stores is also to be avoided. Instead, work with a high-quality bathroom shop in Perth and your home’s value is sure to increase.