How Long Do Bathroom Renovations Take?

If you’re working with quality bathroom renovators in Perth, there’s no reason that your bathroom remodelling job should take months to complete. In fact, according to one estimate, bathroom renovations in Perth shouldn’t take more than four to five weeks, even if your contractors don’t do any work on the weekends. Is that accurate, though? Or should you expect your bathroom to take longer?

A Realistic Look at Your Bathroom Remodelling Timetable

When you think of how much time you need to allot for your bathroom renovations in Perth, it’s helpful to break it down by what tasks have to be done.

  • Demolition – Contractors generally give bathroom demolition two days, but it can take longer, especially if you’re doing it yourself and you have to go to work, or you just can’t bring yourself to spend a whole day on bathroom demolition.
  • Carpentry, Plumbing, and Electrical Work – Allot one to two days for each of these jobs. You may not need any carpentry work if your bathroom is in good shape structurally, but your electrician and plumber likely won’t be able to get in and work on the bathroom at the same time. You may need to add two to three more days if you need to redo the insulation and drywall after this work is done.
  • Paint – If you paint before you do anything else, you’re looking at a fairly easy job that should only take a single day.
  • Inspection – Inspections only take a few minutes, but you won’t be able to continue with work until you get your inspector’s approval, so you’ll need to allot a full day for this.
  • Cabinetry and Flooring – Cabinetry installation only takes a day, and flooring will usually only take two. Add another two days if you want to add tile on the walls.
  • Fixtures and hookups – Allow yourself two days to get your fixtures and hookups installed.
  • Miscellaneous – Always expect the unexpected, so add a day and a half to two days to the project for miscellaneous work.

All together, this list adds up to about 23 days of work, which – if you don’t work on the weekends – is about four and a half weeks. If you take days off and/or run into other surprises, it could take up to 46-50 days of work to complete, though. Bathroom renovations in Perth don’t have to take months, but if you’re doing them yourself, you should expect some delays.