How to Choose the Perfect Shower Screen for Your Bathroom

If you’re renovating your bathroom in Perth and you need some advice about shower screens, then look no further! At Bathroom International, we’re dedicated to providing you a one stop shop for your bathroom and laundry renovations. We specialise in shower screens, and offer you a range of styles and sizes to complement your new bathroom design. Please read on for some tips on choosing the perfect shower screen for your new bathroom!


Bathroom Size

Firstly, measure up your bathroom to understand the dimensions you’re working with. You need to choose a shower screen which fits into the space, without overwhelming the other design features. You can also choose certain styles of shower screens to make a small space look bigger. For example, our Lavano shower screen is perfect for a small bathroom. With a glass screen and thin framing, the Lavano shower screen is minimalistic, creating a sense of light and space. It also creates a transparent barrier, allowing the bathroom tiling or flooring to flow ‘uninterrupted’ throughout the whole bathroom space.



It is extremely important to consider plumbing and drainage when installing your new shower. It is a great idea to consult a professional plumber about the best way to fit out your bathroom screen. A good way to cut down on renovation costs is to keep all of your plumbing in a central area near other water outlets. The hot water will then have to travel a shorter distance, conserving energy and heat. Another very important consideration is door placement. Make sure that when you open and close your shower screen, it doesn’t interfere with your bathroom door, bathtub or vanity. A good way to ensure this doesn’t happen is by installing a sliding door, like our Select 2000 Slide Screen.



The final thing to consider is the style of your bathroom. Your shower screen needs to complement the rest of your bathroom story. An elegant glass screen will date well and will suit almost any bathroom decor, without overwhelming other bathroom design features. Our frameless Cannes shower screen is perfect for a luxurious, modern bathroom design.


For more advice and information about bathroom renovations in Perth, please contact us!