How to Choose the Right Spa for Your Bathroom Renovation


You are going to all of the trouble to renovate your bathroom, and that means you will want to dedicate adequate time and resources to the process of choosing the right fixtures. That can mean making choices from among the many different spas available.

While it is lovely to spend time in a soak tub or a brand new, oversized tub, the option for soaking in a free-standing spa or luxuriating in a corner spa cannot be ignored or overlooked. Not only do spas become a favourite way to unwind and relax, but they can improve your health and add value to your home. The trick is making the right choice.


The Types of Spas Available

To begin in that decision-making process, you need to think about the sizes and shapes available. They include:

  • Corner – Need to limit the space taken up by the spa? This is the right choice when floor space is limited.
  • Oval – Rounded and elegant, this is a classic form whether free-standing or set into a surround.
  • Square – Modern and sleek, this is a good choice if you are conscious about the amount of space taken up and want to fit the spa tightly into place.
  • Rectangle – Clean and easy to fit into any space, including pre-existing surrounds, they can be quickly integrated into an existing floor plan.
  • Remember that most shapes can also be free-standing and rather elegant in appearance, and some of the free-standing styles are found as round tubs that can create a unique element in any space or style bathroom.


The Style Matters

While it might seem that the shape alone is going to dictate the overall appearance of the spa, that is not the case. After all, you may want to position your spa in front of a large expanse of windows. That may not be well-suited to the square or rectangular tub. Though it might be a style that works, you must consider how the spas you select from work with the existing design and decor. Angles and lines will work against one another and ruin aesthetics if not chosen with care.


At Bathroom International, shoppers can select from a wide array of tubs and spas, and work with our team of experts to create a space that is soothing visually, as well as physically. Whether you choose a freestanding spa, a corner spa, or an alcove spa, you can add this coveted element to your bathroom.