How to Choose the Right Toilet Suite

How much thought have you put into your toilet suite for your home? Whether you’re building a new home or just renovating your master bathroom in Perth, you have a lot of options for stylish and comfortable toilet suites to choose from. Finding the right one is a matter of taste, but it’s also a matter of identifying your bathroom’s design and finding the right toilet for it.

Small, Modern Bathrooms

Looking for a modern and sleek toilet design that doesn’t take up a lot of space? With a concealed toilet, only the toilet seat and pan will be visible. The cistern will be hidden in the ceiling, under the counter, or in the wall cavity. Not only is this a cool look, but it also saves space in small bathrooms.

Wall-faced toilet suites are also a good option for small bathrooms, as there’s no gap between the wall and the toilet. While these toilets do save some space, though, they also have a very bold look, which can overpower some small bathrooms.

Traditional Bathrooms

If you have a more traditional bathroom, and you’re looking for a toilet that will not stand out and look out of place, you might want to consider a close-coupled toilet. With this type of toilet suite, the cistern and pan are joined to hide the flush pipe. It’s a sleek, conservative look that works well with traditional bathrooms.

Of course, you could also go with an even more traditional connector toilet suite. With one of these, the cistern and the pan are joined by a connector plate and a plastic flush pipe. One of these toilets will give you the most flexibility for installation, so it’s still a very popular option, even in more modern bathrooms.

When you choose the right toilet suite for your bathroom, you’ll need to decide whether you want your toilet to be a part of your bathroom décor that makes a statement or whether you’d like your toilet to be unobtrusive and to blend in with the rest of the bathroom’s design. Making this choice and understanding whether you need a more modern toilet or one that’s more traditional will help you choose the best toilet suite for your bathroom. Whether you’re remodelling your master bathroom in Perth or adding a new toilet to the guest bathroom, use these tips to help make your decision easier.