How to Enhance Your Renovation with New Bathroom Vanities


If you’re in the midst of planning a bathroom renovation, you are probably focusing on things like the flooring, walls, and showers. However, if you want to make the most of your renovation, you can’t forget taking a look at your bathroom vanities. This area of the bathroom can really determine the vibe of the entire room, so choosing the right option is crucial. We have some tips to ensure you get the best option to implement in your new bathroom.


Consider Storage Needs

When you choose a new vanity, you can also get a larger amount of storage. If you don’t have space for everything you need in the bathroom, this is a great solution. While choosing a vanity consider the space you have, along with how much storage you need. Remember that cabinet doors and drawers take up different amounts and types of space. Drawers pull out in front while doors swing out and to the side. Look at your bathroom to determine whether one might work better than the other.


Ability to Change Up Style

You may have considered the taps and faucets you want, but that’s only one small aspect of the skin. You also want to think about the bowl and how it will match up with the new vanity. There are numerous sink styles available and choosing one can be overwhelming. We recommend determining the amount of space you want first and how much space you have for the sink. You can look into sinks that are all-in-one, vessel, or undermount to find the right option for your renovation needs.


Think About Potential Obstacles

While you can change the design of a bathroom, you can’t do much to change the walls or doors. That’s why you need to think about obstacles when it comes to a new bathroom vanity. For instance, consider whether you want the vanity beside, in front of, or far away from the toilet. Is the vanity best in a certain location due to flow of traffic? Will your door swing in and touch the vanity? Think over these things before making a choice.


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