Making the Most Out of Your Small Bathroom

There are advantages to a smaller bathroom in comparison to a larger one. There’s more space for the rest of the living areas in the house; smaller fixtures mean less energy expenditure; and so on. However, when it comes right down to it, no one likes squeezing into a bathroom where you have to open the door in order to turn around. However, if you’re stuck with a tiny bathroom of your own, here’s how to maximize your space.

You don’t have to blow out the far wall to get a tiny bathroom feeling bigger. Sometimes it can be as simple as replacing a small mirror with a larger one to give the illusion of extra space. Likewise you can get more space back if you eliminate all the clutter that accumulates in any bathroom – cleaning products, old magazines, shampoo and conditioner bottles that haven’t been thrown out since last Christmas – everything must go. No cupboard under the sink? Put in your own shelving on the door or a cheap wire storage rack solution under the sink to keep things organised and out of the way.

Of course, even if you have a modest-to-moderate budget for bathroom renovation you can get even more space back, both literally and seemingly. Choosing baths that can be incorporated into the shower and that are deep and small will help you regain some physical space, while frameless and clear shower screens are excellent for reducing visual barriers and offering more space and light than a shower curtain or an opaque screen. Regain some floor space by choosing toilets and washbasins that can be mounted to the wall, and make those floors seem spacious by using light-coloured tiles; mirror the color on the walls to increase the effect.

Finally, think about the kind of lighting options you have. A full-length window in even the smallest bathrooms adds depth, especially when it looks out on a private space. If you’re in a more crowded environment, opaque glass tiles will let light into the room and leave prying eyes out; finally, if you have high ceilings you can consider putting in a skylight that will flood the room with light all day and give the bathroom an airy, open feeling that will combat claustrophobia nicely.