Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Mirrors in Your Perth Bathroom

As a bathroom renovation supplier in Perth, we understand how to create a beautiful bathroom space that’s right for you and your family! A mirror may seem like a simple addition to your bathroom, something to simply hang above your vanity. However, choosing the right mirror is really important; a mirror should provide the perfect finishing touch to your bathroom story! This article is a short introduction to the benefits of using mirrors in your bathroom, and also how to choose the right mirror!

The Illusion of Space
From an architectural and interior designer’s standpoint, a bathroom is a logical place to put a mirror. When used in interior design, mirrors have the unique ability to make a room seem larger than it is; reflective surfaces promote the illusion of space and light. In a bathroom, this is surprisingly useful, since most bathrooms are usually relatively small. A strategically placed mirror can make your bathroom seem a little roomier and a lot less claustrophobic!

Practical Applications
A bathroom is a place to put on the face you’re going to show to the world. Whether that means pulling a DeNiro and talking to yourself, or doing something a little more literal such as putting on makeup, we like being able to see what we look like to be able to prepare ourselves for the day!

How to Choose
Choosing the right mirror for your bathroom space is really important; you should treat it like hanging an art piece! Size is the first consideration you should take into account. Look at the size of your vanity, the height of your ceilings and the size of the wall the mirror will be mounted on. The mirror shouldn’t be too close to the sink or to the ceiling, and should be large enough for each family member to use. If you have a very small bathroom, mounting a mirror that covers the entire wall space behind your bathroom vanity will make your bathroom look bigger. Installing multiple mirrors around the room will also make your bathroom feel larger by providing numerous reflective surfaces!

The second consideration you should take into account is style. For example, if your bathroom design is quite simple, using your mirror as a statement piece will inject some character into the space. Our Overlap Mirror  is a beautiful piece and creates a feeling of modern elegance with its reflective silver framing. Choosing a mirror with in-built lighting is a great way to add a sense of glamour and luxury to your bathroom space. A backlit mirror will not only provide practical benefits by giving you more light in your bathroom, but will also create a stunning focal point for the space. Our Ablaze Back Lit Mirror S Range   is perfect for adding some old-world glitz to your bathroom!

At Bathroom International in Perth, we provide a range of bathroom renovation products such as vanities, tiles, baths, spas, shower screens, toilets and of course, mirrors. If you would like more advice about your bathroom renovation in Perth, please contact us now!