Modern Minimalist Bathroom Design Ideas for 2016

Image by Lisa Wetherell

If you’re looking into options for renovating your bathroom, you’re probably thinking about your options for the best designs that will give you a luxury master bath suite that won’t look off-trend and dated after just a few months or years. You want a style that’s timeless and trendy at the same time and that will give you everything you could possibly want in a bathroom.

That’s why we love modern minimalist bathroom designs. This video provides a lot of great inspiration for bathroom renovations in Perth, including some really interesting and luxurious tubs, showers, and bathroom cabinets. Perth homeowners looking into bathroom remodelling can get some great ideas just from watching a short video and thinking about a few of the best upgrades to achieve the perfect modern minimalist bathroom design.


Separate Bathtub and Shower Stall

If you have room in your master bath, going with a separate bathtub and shower stall is a great way to add a luxurious look and feel to the room. The bathtub can be installed so that it has a ledge all the way around, making it perfect for lounging or adding a few tea candles or potted plants for ambiance. You could also install the tub under a window to allow more natural light into the bathroom, and because you’ll have a separate shower stall, you won’t have to worry about a shower curtain cutting down on that light, too.

Glass Shower Stalls

Glass has a clean and modern look, especially when it’s outfitted with stainless steel fixtures. A frameless glass shower stall is a great idea for any master bath, especially if you’re creating a design that’s modern with clean lines and minimal visual noise.

If you aren’t entirely enthusiastic about a see-through shower stall, you can opt for frosted glass shower screens in Perth, which will give you a bit more privacy and still maintain the gorgeous appeal of a glass stall. However, there’s something to be said for a clear glass stall, as it gives the illusion of more space for the whole bathroom, which can help create a more spa-like setting.

Modern Toilets

Most of the most stylish bathrooms in Perth don’t have traditional toilets. You’ll find toilets with tanks installed in the wall behind them and toilets with minimalist shapes that look more like contemporary stools than traditional toilets. Consider the other furniture, fixtures, and appliances in your bathroom when you choose your toilet. You might be surprised at which styles work best.

Floating Vanities and Bathroom Cabinets in Perth

Minimalist design doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have minimal storage space for your bathroom renovation in Perth. Instead, you can opt for a floating vanity with two sizeable drawers under a basin sink. Recessed cabinets and built-in shelves are common for this kind of design, making it both visually appealing and pragmatic.

Take just a couple of moments to peruse some of the above video’s beautiful bathroom renovations in Perth. These minimalist designs show a surprising range of styles, and there’s quite literally something for everyone and every home. So, if you’re not sure what you want to do with your bathroom in Perth, get inspired here and then contact us at Bathroom International to talk with the best bathroom renovators in Perth and to see some of the finest designs for cabinets, toilets, and bathroom supplies. Perth homeowners know the value of a great design, and these modern minimalist styles offer a lot of options for a bathroom that will look and feel amazing for as long as you own your home.