New Bathroom Technologies Coming to Perth 2015

‘The Internet of Things’ or the idea that soon all our appliances will be talking to each other is easy to imagine in our home theatre room or office, but the bathroom isn’t really where you’d expect the newest gadgets to wow you. Let’s see if we can try.


The Shower

You can now adjust almost every aspect of your showering experience with a simple touch screen. Temperature, flow rate and even the pattern of flow are now all adjustable in modern showerheads. However, that is not the best part, showerheads are now available that include bluetooth speakers to both encourage (and drown out, pun intended) the loudest shower sopranos.


The Toilet

If you’ve ever visited Japan you’d know the weird and wonderful range of toilet technologies they already have. Well many of those are becoming more and more available right here in Perth. Not only will the toilet lids open as you enter the room, they are also more environmentally conscious than ever. Plus after you’re finished the bowls will clean and fragrance themselves when you flush.


The Scales

Scales have never been anything even approaching ‘fun’, in fact on a scale of 1 to 10 I’d rate them rather low. All that is now changing with new Wi-Fi connected scales. Not only can they give you more information about not just your weight, but also your BMI and body fat percentages. They can also synchronize with your phone or tablet, allowing you to track progress, create goals and join a community of other health conscious individuals out there on the web.


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