Planning Your Ensuite Bathroom

In today’s fast-paced world of convenience in every area of life, more and more homeowners (and homebuyers) are insisting on a connected bathroom for their master bedroom. They’ve become less of a luxury, and more of an expectation. If your existing home doesn’t have an ensuite bathroom already, you may want to add one so you can enjoy privacy – plus you won’t have to share with the kids anymore.

There are a number of factors to take into account when planning your addition. You want to combine form, function, and accessibility without losing too much space or ending up with an awkward layout.

The Minimums

While space may prohibit a full bathtub, an ensuite bathroom should at least have a shower, otherwise it’s just a powder room. You also need a toilet, a basin, and possibly a full vanity if space allows, for conveniently applying makeup and performing other hygiene and dressing tasks. The design should be such that all of these components fit together in a functional way that makes sense for your day-to-day lifestyle.

Consider Fittings

If your main bathroom is not equipped with a tub, this is a consideration you’ll want to take into account. It may be worth the space sacrifice in order to have one. If you do have a bathtub in the house, an overhead shower or a multiple head model can be a luxurious touch without giving up valuable real estate in your master suite.

Storage Options

When you’re trying to keep space-eating fixtures to a minimum, you may not have room for a full linen closet or storage cabinet. However, you can take advantage of unused space underneath the basin or next to the toilet to install shelving that is not only useful but attractive as well. A towel bar can be integrated into the sink unit, or mounted under a shelf. A low-profile shaving cabinet can be mounted over the basin, and of course the front panel should be a mirror.


You don’t have to carry the exact theme of your bedroom into the ensuite bathroom, however it should feature one or two elements that complement the colour scheme, or at least be done in neutral. Whites and grays are always a statement of simple elegance, as well as do a good job of reflecting natural light, making the space appear larger.

Last but not least you will of course want to have your renovation done by a reputable, qualified Perth bathroom installer like Bathroom International.