Small Bathroom Ideas That Work

Struggling with a small bathroom? Want to make the most of that space, but unsure how to achieve that in the limited amount of room you have? It’s not uncommon to find this process rather challenging, but don’t despair. There are actually quite a few things you can do to make a small bathroom feel larger, look more luxuriant, and to transform them into more welcoming spaces.


Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

Mirrors are necessary in a bathroom, but they can be transformed into more than just a utilitarian addition. By adding multiple mirrors to the room, you can create the illusion of more space. They’ll also bounce more light back, brightening up the bathroom considerably.


Mount Your Toilet Differently

If you have a particularly small bathroom, you need every square inch of space you can get. You can free up some room and open up your space a bit more by ditching your standard floor-mounted toilet. A wall-mounted toilet gives you both floor and wall space, and it looks ultra-modern, too.


Stand UP Shower

Really want to make that small bathroom feel larger? Get rid of the bathtub and install a stand-up shower. You’ll find stand-up showers that take up very little space at all, but still provide ample room within for washing up. In most instances, removing the tub can allow you to free up almost half the space it once occupied.


Shrink Your Sink

How large is the sink in your bathroom? Chances are good that even if it’s modest in size, it dominates a small bathroom. You can free up some space by shirking it down – go with a smaller sink, and you’ll be surprised how much extra space you open up. You’ll also have a number of options in terms of design and style, too.


Ditch the Curb

Your shower takes up space on the floor, but you can change that paradigm with a curb-less shower. Essentially, this means that you can extend the floor of the bathroom into the shower, which works great with tile and cement. It also means that there’s less to clean.


Lighten It Up

One excellent tip for making a small bathroom feel larger is to lighten it up. You can do that in a number of different ways. One of those is to use a darker coloured flooring with light coloured walls. You don’t have to go with white, but lighter creams, ecru and the like will provide a greater sense of space. You can also add different light fixtures with more bulbs to brighten up that bathroom space.



You can do some truly interesting things with colour. An accent wall or border can be used to brighten up, liven up, and enlarge your small bathroom. You can achieve this by using coloured tiles set into a contrasting wall, or you can go a little cheaper and just use paint.

There you have them – several simple ways to transform your small bathroom into a space that feels larger, more welcoming, and more enjoyable.