The 2020 Guide to Modern Laundry Styling

There is so much to do when you’re looking to upgrade your laundry space. In 2020, the way that people do laundry is changing and this central room in the home is becoming more of a focal point. Take the time to check out our guide on modern laundry styling and find out what your space could be missing. If it’s time to redecorate or you’re just looking for some future inspiration, you’ll find plenty of helpful tips. You might even find yourself remodeling sooner than you thought after you see what’s out there.

The Farmhouse Goes Modern

One of the most popular home design trends is also trending in laundry spaces around the world. The modern farmhouse design offers a rustic, yet polished finish that also includes a number of smart features and creative storage solutions for the space. Farmhouse chic, as this style is often called, includes things like uniquely patterned floor tiles, utility sinks that are as handy as they are stylish, and other functional-but-fashionable trends.

Shelving and Storage Chic

Another big trend in the modern laundry room is capitalizing on vertical space and creating as much storage as possible. Shelves, cabinets, and drawers are all making their way into laundry rooms as people capitalize on laundry machines being smaller than ever before, despite their impressive load capacities. There are a lot of different options on the market today, but the goal is to get creative and make the most of storage by turning the laundry room into a room and not just another utility space in the home.

Speaking of Rooms…

Perhaps the biggest trend of 2020, and in recent years, is the focus on actually turning the laundry room into a living space within the home. For a number of years, laundry was crammed into the bathroom or a utility space, or even into the kitchen, being a utility that just needed taken care of. Today, however, people are designing entire spaces in their homes dedicated to laundry, clothing storage, cleaning, and related needs.

Ultimately, it’s time to stop thinking of the laundry as just a utility. If you want a laundry space that shines and is on par with the trends of 2020 and beyond, it needs to be its own space with stylish, modern details like premium plumbing fixtures and plenty of storage that looks as good as it functions.