The Bathroom Renovation Process

A hot bath can be a wonderful, relaxing experience, allowing you to release all the stresses that have built up throughout the course of the day. But a dingy, old, and outdated bathroom can put a real damper on this treasured ritual, making you want to get done and get out of there as quickly as possible.

If you’re considering a renovation, you probably want to know what’s involved in the process – in other words, what are you getting yourself into? When you have your remodel done by qualified bathroom renovators in Perth, you have nothing to worry about – everything will be taken care of by the pros and you’ll be enjoying your bath in a gorgeous, brand new room in no time.

What happens when you decide to renovate? It’s not just a matter of installing new fittings – there are a number of steps that must be completed first:

  • Once you find the Perth bathroom renovation company you want to hire, they will come to your home, take measurements and give you a detailed quote.
  • You will choose components such as tile, including material, size, and colour, in addition to fittings like toilet, shower, tub, and vanity.
  • The work begins by removing all of the old fittings and drywall, and assessing the state of the materials beneath.
  • Then comes repair of any water damage to underlying structures like studs and subfloors.
  • Existing plumbing problems are evaluated and fixed, along with any drainage issues.
  • Next, any waterproofing that needs doing will be performed, in order to prevent further damage.
  • Floor and wall tiling is then laid, and finally your new toilet, bathtub, sink, lighting, and any other fittings and fixtures are installed.
  • Your Perth renovator will perform cleanup of the construction mess, leaving you with a beautiful, pleasant, shiny new environment.

The thought of completely overhauling any room in your home can be very overwhelming. Fortunately, bathroom renovations in Perth, WA are made simple and painless by finding a qualified professional to perform all of the necessary work, leaving you stress-free and with nothing to do but sink into your beautiful new tub and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Quit putting off that renovation you have been dreaming of – you can have the bathroom of your dreams without having to lift a finger (except to turn on your shiny new faucet!). Get started today with Perth’s finest suppliers and renovators.