Tile Tips: How can I make my bathroom look bigger?

When tiling your bathroom, the size, colour and layout of your tiles can help to create a feeling of space and light. The feeling of space is incredibly important not only for personal comfort and enjoyment, but also as in investment for the future. Here are some tips for choosing tiles to make your bathroom look bigger:

Large Tiles: The idea that large tiles do not fit in a small bathroom is a common misconception. Using small tiles in your bathroom will lead to many grout lines, which can leave your bathroom feeling boxed in and grid-like. The use of larger tiles laid close together in a bathroom, means that there will be less grout lines. Using a grout which is similar in colour to your tiles will also create the feeling of an unbroken plane of glass on your bathroom walls and floor. This is an elegant way of making your space look bigger.

Light Colours: Choosing a light, monochromatic colour scheme on your bathroom walls and floor will help a small bathroom look bigger. Lighter tiles reflect light better than darker tiles and this reflection of light helps to make your space feel brighter and airier. Simplicity is essential to decorating a small space; a busier décor will make the space seem small and cluttered.

Diagonal Tiling: Using diagonal tiling on your bathroom floors is a great way to promote a feeling of space. The use of floor tiles laid diagonally plays tricks on your eyes, making your bathroom seem bigger than it actually is. The reason for this is that tiles which are laid at a 90-degree angle are easy to count and your eye will immediately figure out the number of tiles on your bathroom floor. When tiles are laid horizontally, it’s much more difficult to count the number of tiles in the same space.

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