Tips for Keeping Mirrors Clean in your Perth Bathroom

We’ve all seen it before, but it really is last thing you want to see specked all over your nice bathroom mirrors…the results of our good dental hygiene. I won’t go into the details, but short of implementing a Sheldon-esque ‘minimum distance from the mirror’ house-law, how can we clean our mirrors to be free of this and other debris?


The secret is rubbing (or isopropyl) alcohol. Soak a bit of cotton-wool with the alcohol and scan the mirror systematically, working off each indiscretion before moving on to the next. The alcohol ensures the dirt comes off and stays off, preparing the mirror for the next step.


Mist the entire mirror with your favourite glass cleaner. Then take a micro-fibre cloth and fold it into quarters, effectively giving you four clean parts to work with. Then, using a clean quarter for each section of your mirror, wipe from the top parts of the mirror to the bottom, in what would look like a very slow zig-zag. If you happen to have more than four sections to your mirror, just rinse and repeat. It’s as easy as that!


Don’t you just hate when you hop out of the shower ready to put on make-up, hair product or shave and the mirror is too fogged to do anything productive? We’ll leave you with a quick tip for keeping your mirrors fog-free and ready to use once you get out of the shower! First lather your mirror with enough shaving cream to cover the entire surface. Then take a clean towel and wipe it clean of the cream. What you’ll find is that your mirror won’t fog up for weeks until you have to repeat the process. Pretty nifty trick.


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