Tips for Lighting Up Your Bathroom

Bathroom lighting design is very important both for creating ambience and space, and also for functionality. The lighting must be bright enough to illuminate the areas it needs to, but also work well with soft, ambient lighting, to create a warm glow. Here are some lighting design tips for your bathroom:

For mirrors, it is important that your lighting provides enough light for your face to be illuminated, but not so much that the light creates shadows under your eyes. For small mirrors, to fully illuminate your face without creating shadows, it is best to mount your lights to the right and left of the mirror at eye level. A great way to create an elegant and sophisticated vanity area is by using pendant lights. For large mirrors, if side lighting isn’t possible, place a horizontal fixture above your vanity mirror. A great way to light up large mirrors is to purchase a mirror with in-built lighting. Always try and avoid clear glass shades, opaque shades are best for smooth, soft illumination.

For the centre of your bathroom, choose a beautiful, decorative fixture to create a sense of glamour and elegance in the space. A great idea for the central fixture is a mini chandelier, which will reflect the light throughout your bathroom. Importantly, make sure the central fixture fits with your bathroom story, and balances the brightness of the rest of the lighting in your bathroom.

For the shower and bathtub, recessed down lights create enough light without producing an unwanted glare. Shielding these fixtures will further protect your eyes from glare, especially if you’re relaxing in the bathtub. Make sure that you choose lighting that is designed for wet areas!

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