Tips for Painting Your Bathroom

Although most bathrooms are relatively small, they can be difficult to paint unless you do it the right way. The following are a few tips that can make painting your bathroom easier and help it to look great for a very long time.

Clean The Walls First

Many of the bathroom renovations Perth residents want require them to paint the bathrooms. But before you take out your brush and rollers and begin to layer the new paint on the wall, it is important to take some time to clean the walls first. Soap scum and other substances can mess up your paint and make your paint job look horrible. Therefore, take a few minutes and use a soap scum remover to clean the bathroom walls. That will help the paint go on easier and not peel off the first time the shower fill the room with steam.

Remove The Toilet Tank

If you want the wall behind the toilet to look good, then your best bet is to remove the toilet tank so you will have easy access to the wall. Removing the tank is relatively easy. There are basically two large screws holding it in place. There is also a water line leading into the tank. So you will have to turn off the water feeding it and unscrew the line from the toilet tank connection. Removing the tank and replacing it when you’re done may add about 30 minutes to the paint job, but it will help it to look good for years to come.

Cover The Fixtures

Wrapping door knobs, taps, faucets and light fixtures which cannot be removed will protect them from the paint. It will also make painting near them faster and easier. Plus it will make cleaning up a lot easier. You should also fill all holes and make any necessary minor repairs to the walls before you begin painting.

Choose The Right Paint

Bathrooms are damp environments. You need a paint that can stand up to water splashing on it. Consider using specially formulated bathroom paint that’s moisture resistant and has mold-inhibiting agents. At the very least, use a glossy or enamel paint that can withstand the water. Let the paint store professional know the texture of your bathroom walls and ask if you need a primer or a special type of paint.

Use A Light Color

Dark colors will make you bathroom look small and feel claustrophobic. Light, airy, bright colors tend to work well in bathrooms and help people feel more comfortable. Light-blue, light-yellow and white are popular choices. Even if you use a darker color, adding white elements will help give it a lighter feeling.

The Right Equipment

Before they start their repainting residents should make sure to get the right brushes and rollers. Get lots of drop clothes to cover the floors, tubs and tile. This will make cleaning up after you have completed the paint job a lot easier.