Top Tips for Designing a Bathroom

Are you hoping to design a beautiful bathroom that perfectly fits your unique style and enhances the quality of your home? Learn the four top tips for designing your bathroom, from the big decisions to the little details that make such a high impact on your design.

Tip 1: Get Inspired

When you are first getting inspired about the bathroom design for your home, the sky is the limit. Check out your local market or book store for architectural and interior design magazines, and prime your brain with gorgeous images. You want to have an eye out for color schemes, big picture feelings, and unique looks that you haven’t thought of. Keep a file folder with you, and tear out images that you love. You can also start a file on your personal computer, copy images, and stash them there, so that you have all of your inspirations in one place. Once you have started to get an idea of the range of possibilities, start to keep an eye out for particular pieces that catch your eye, such as bathroom vanities, and various bathroom accessories that you can imagine owning. You can also visit showrooms, open houses, and friends homes in order to collect ideas. Consider your home’s existing style.

Tip 2: Think about Functionality and Design Basics

As you approach your bathroom design project, it is good to keep a few basic design fundamentals in mind. First, consider that the bathroom door of a house is often left open. It is a good idea to keep the toilet tucked out of the line of vision for this reason. Another thing to consider is storage place. Do you have a second cupboard in your home for linens, towels, and other bathroom related items, or will this space be the main storage area? Keep this in mind as you proceed. All surfaces will need to be cleaned frequently, and should be durable to cleaning materials and water spills.

Tip 3: Make a Budget

Once you inner dreamer has been activated, and you know the basics of design, it is time to start making your dreams a reality. Write down the amount that you would like to spend on your bathroom. What items do you need to buy? What fixtures do you want to upgrade? Once you have a number in mind, start to gather prices on the objects that you would like to buy. Set aside some of your budget for un-planned items or repairs that are bound to arise. Now begin to fit your “dream items” into your budget. Look up the pieces that caught your eye and if needed, find the bathroom vanities, bathroom accessories, paint and flooring that matches your budget.

Tip 4: Think Light

In a bathroom, lighting and privacy are key. If you live in a busy area, consider a window treatment that will allow light to enter, but maintain privacy. The lighting you choose to install should be bright and ideally will mimic natural light.