Useful Tips for Choosing Your Bathroom Mirror


For decades, the mirror has been the centerpiece of the bathroom. Interior designers consider it to be the most important element to really nail when designing the ideal bathroom.

All that thought and focus on the mirror can make your head start to spin when it comes to finding one for your own decor projects. There is no need to stress! These tips will have you choosing a mirror that perfectly compliments your washroom elements.

#1 One or Two?

Will it be better to have one larger mirror or two smaller mirrors in your bathroom? Well, that depends on the size of your vanity. If you only have one sink at your vanity, two mirrors is probably a no go.

Now, if you want to add vertical height or you already have very high ceilings, two mirrors that are long vertically will give the desired effect. If you want your bathroom to look more spacious, a single wide mirror will be apter.

#2 The Size

This is probably the key factor in having the perfectly decorated bathroom. If your mirror is too big or too small, it will throw off the entire aesthetic and make your room look odd. There are a few unofficial mirror rules that you may want to follow:

  • The width of the mirror should never be longer than the width of the vanity.
  • A mirror can be shorter in width, but a frame should be added to match the width of the vanity.

So, basically, the consensus from interior designers is that the width of a mirror should roughly equal the width of the vanity. The exception to this rule is when using two mirrors.

#3 Placement

A big mirror gives you a lot of “looking” space which is great! To avoid cutting off the tops of people’s heads, you should hang the mirror so that there are a good 12 inches of reflection above and below the average person’s sightline. Now, of course, if your family is very tall or very short, you will want to use your own average sightlines instead.

So, in order for your mirror to fulfill this rule, it will need to be at least 2 feet in length, but a little extra wiggle room wouldn’t hurt.

These are the basic considerations that you need to make when choosing the mirror to go over your bathroom vanity. When shopping at Bathroom International, there are a few other considerations that you may need to explore. We have backlit mirrors and also mirrored vanity cabinets. However, our dedicated sales staff will be happy to discuss each type of mirror to help you discover the best option for your bathroom.