Tips for Choosing the Right Shower Screen for Your Bathroom


Shower screens may seem like a mundane part of bathroom design, but they do a great deal more than most homeowners initially recognize. While it is true that the job of the shower screen is to shield the rest of the space from any spray emanating out of the shower stall, it can also be an expression of the style that is used throughout the rest of the space. As one design expert points out, “the type of the shower [screen] you choose will have a big impact on the overall design and look of your bathroom.”


So, how do you begin the process of choosing from the many shower screens available? Use the following tips to guide you in the decision-making process:


Start with the type of shower

Is it integrated into a bath or is it a free-standing shower? Self-contained showers mean that the shower screens are likely to be cubicle in design. You will also have to consider if the shower is in the heart of the room or a corner, as this too determines the type of screen selected.


Consider the “tray”

At the base of the shower will be a tray or a separately installed floor that will catch water and direct it to the drain below. This is a stylistic issue as well as a functional one, but as you begin to make decisions you will need to know the overall look of the area from floor to ceiling


What is YOUR vision of the framing

Shower screens all have some sort of framing required. They may be framed on each pane of glass or panel, they could be semi-frameless with glass framed on the side with hinges and upper and lower edges remaining unframed, and then there are frameless options that use very heavy glass and which are installed as wall-like dividers.


Consider lighting

The option to use shower screens made entirely of glass, and without any impeding walls or surrounds is ideal. Why? It allows the greatest amount of light into the space and visually expands the size of the bathroom


It can be far more difficult than many realise to make the choice in shower screens. At Bathroom International you can consult with experts and discover the ideal style and available options for your home. Whether it is country, sleek, or transitional, there will be options well suited to your bathroom’s needs.